Finding Your Personal Break-Even Point!

We are living in a merchandised world. Everything we see merchandised; through conventional pay or being subject to advertisement. Even we as human beings are mechandised, at the end of the day we are all working for money.


The point here is when we are making decisions over our monetary life; we rarely calculate our own break even point. If your sole purpose here is to increase your overall money flow at the end of the month, I beg to differ that you are wrong.

I think we have more than many occassions that we may need to calculate our breakeven point in your professional life but most particular ones are:

1- Changing your job!

2- Starting your own businesses!

So let’s start with the first one, how can we assess our value at changing our jobs:

If we take aside all the other factors and focus on the concept of money; what we need to realize is we are paid for our time. Our time and effort there in, is what we generally sell. So we are earning 2100 $ but working for 300 hours a month; then you are making 7 $ per hour. Especially in Turkey, people tend to ignore how many hours they work. To make a reference of how much we are earning, we can take a peek at this wikipedia page. So it is money divided by our working hours folks. IMO, the main perfomance indicator we need to increase is our money per hour.

You can earn 4000 Turkish Liras, but if you are working 400 hours to earn it;then you are in a far worse position than a McDonals Employee in US(They striked 3 times in last 2 years).

Starting your own business!

This one is a tricky one. So we want to start our own business and set about it. Same applies here, how much time we put into our work is important. Our most valuable asset is our time,we always give value to our time. So whether our business starts to earn money or not; calculate as if we have a monthly wage. Let’s say you have 4000 TL worth of monthly wage:

4000 TL / 160 hours = 25 TL / Hour

If we spend 300 hours for our business; the time we project to earn 7500 Liras ( 300 x 25) in profits as our share, is our personal breakeven point!


This was all money talk. What I tried to stress here was our time is the most important aspect in almost any decision. Don’t treat it as just a mere commodity.

This was my first post in LinkedIN and I hope you liked it. You are welcome to comment. Have a nice day and a wonderful life.

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