Electric Cars Problem

Hello there, I have an idea:

Chargeable Electric Cars! What an original one huh? But listen to this, these electrocars have two problems and I think one of them ultimately solvable. Interested? Read on.

Görüntü 5Even if you have a lenghty chit-chat with oil guy, it will take 15 minutes to fill your tanker full. Your fossil fuel car can reach a 700-1000 km range.  If you fill it four times, it makes 3400 kms for a hour worth of fill.

So how is it like for Electric Cars? Let’s assume the best. Tesla! Tesla is electric car firm founded by the American inventor Elon Musk . So what how far does it take us with one hour of charge –> 102 kms!

If you fill it up with Tesla’s super stations it can get you 544 kilometers for one hour of charge. 3400 vs 544 it is no fair game. Still it is practical to get you from your job to home for 15 minutes of charge.

The problem is, method. The technology we are using is not based on a liquid fuel that burns. We are using a battery that uses chemical mumbo jumbo to achieve our get-go. Naturally this takes time.

How about this: Plug&Go Batteries!

Yes, exactly like a toy electric car. If the battery is too heavy, we can just divide it to carriable units.  We can still have stations, and there we can have super-charges. Our workers can replace the batteries and it would only take approximately 20 minutes. The station can charge us for electricity and money. If we use a battery with same performance and the procedure takes 20 minutes: One hour of our refill time takes us to 1468 kilometers! I don’t know you but I think it is feasible and will be more feasible by developing battery technology. Did I mention a greener planet?

Thank you for reading!

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