Here is my idea of a good sports gear, that have been written on a whim!

It is a  wristlet would have a gyrometer sensor, and a button.

1- Gyrometer sensor would send the app data to “understand” the repetition is done.

2- Button would give us something to put input to app.

Ah of course, nothing goes good enough without an app nowadays!

I think app should have these features:

1- We should be able define the workout moves: User should be able to take any weight or gadget, do one repetition. App should take the data from gyrometer and set the data set as one cycle for the specific move.

2- We should be able to set workout programs from the defined moves: User should be able to create a program from the defined set of moves. A program should be able include of two types of entries: repetitions or durations.

– If repetition is chosen, the user should be able to choose how many times of cycles and intensity level* he needs for a perfect workout.

– If durations is chosen, the user should be able to choose a duration and intensity level for a perfect work out.

*Intensity Level: Since we are not attaching a device to a weight, we can measure any kind of workout moves&techniques. İntensity Level can be anything: weight, strain of a machine so on..

3- User should be able to initiate workout(so the program knows that user is going to start desired workout) from the app and give the start by pushing the button on his wrist.

4-As user processes through the perfect workout, app should use a coach whistle sound to tell the user to advance to next move depending on move’s attribute( duration or repetition). At each move, program should be able to count repetitions, time between repetitions(we will use them for reports!) by using the gyrometer patterns stored for the move.

5- User should be able to do non-perfect workouts by clicking the button. When the button is clicked current move is finished prematurely(Program should still log the repetitions done, repetition intervals and duration left).

6-At the end of the perfect workout, program cheers extravagantly. If the workout wasn’t perfect, it simply says “Well done. ”

7- User should be able to access workout and move statistics.

-Workout statistics:

– Perfect move sets done

– Perfect workouts done

– Total Repetitions

– Average Repetitions

– Durations left unfinished

-Move Statistics: ( User accesses them from one view; taking time and report measure as input. This view needs to be extremely fancy)

– Time(Day,Month,Year) & Repetition Line Area Graphs

– Time(Day,Month, Year) & Repetition İntervals Line Area Graphs

– Time(Day, Month,Year) & Duration Line Area Graphs

So how about that, huh?